Paul Mölders - Software Engineer

Hi, my name is Paul Mölders. I work as a freelance software engineer and consultant.
I'm experienced most with frontend technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) but also used to work with several backend languages (nodejs, PHP, .NET, ruby).

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me.



Slides of my talk at ruby usergroup hh


Intuitive exploration of large datasets


(POC) Building a flow-based-programming plugin for serverless


Pull-Request Based Translation Workflow connecting GitHub and PhraseApp.

Work life

since 2017: Freelance Software Engineer

2015-2016: Head of Frontend Engineering at Jimdo

2013-2015: JavaScript Developer at Jimdo

2011-2014: Bachelor of Science in IT (at ITC-Dortmund)

2009-2013: Solution Engineer at ACCEL